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2019 Security Predictions: Real or Bogus? Respond Experts Weigh In

Where is cybersecurity heading and what should security teams focus on in 2019?

We thought it would be helpful to examine the most common cybersecurity predictions for 2019 from business press, trade publications and of course vendors. These sources have a lot to say about emerging technology trends, but what predictions or trends will matter most? More importantly, how can security teams and CISOs turn these predictions into advantages for their business? Listen to cybersecurity expert Chris Calvert give his thoughts and opinions!

A Practical Guide to Transforming Security Operations

Chris Calvert, co-founder of Respond Software and Fred Thiele, Chief Information Security Officer of Velocity and Advisory Board member to Respond Software discuss how security operations teams need to adapt to the growing number and complexity of security attacks. Thiele discusses how he’s transformed security operations teams in his current role and in his previous roles in the banking and consulting industries. Additionally, the changing role of security analysts and how to effectively select and deploy new technologies.

Role of Humans and Technology in CyberSecurity

Steve Dyer, CTO of Respond Software, interviews Raffy Marty, VP, Corporate Strategy at Forcepoint on technology that exists today to help with cybersecurity, what’s worked and what hasn’t and how cybersecurity has changed over the years. Learn how technology providers like Respond can help companies adapt!